Pigtail Examples

Below is some samples of Pigtails and Pony Tails we have done for our customers. these images are used to give examples of what we can do as well as give you more ideas when creating your unique pair.

Due to Covid19 and the post office shipping and receiving products to make the Pigtails, there may be delays in orders, please allow 7 to 10 days – We apologize for this

12 inch short length pigtails

12blackyellow 12blond 12bluehotpink 12bluelightpink 12blueyellow 12dbluelblue 12greenblack 12greennaturalred 12hotpink 12hotpinkblack 12hotpinklightpink 12lightbrownblond 12lightbrowndarkbrown 12lightpinkhotpink 12naturalredbrown 12naturalredgray 12orangeblack-1 12orangeblack 12orangehotpink 12purplegray 12purplehotpink 12purplewhite 12yellow 12yellowpurple blackandgreen blacknbrown blacknwhite blond blondnpink blondnpurple brown-pink bunnybike darkbrown dsc00020 dsc00021 dsc00158 dsc00161 dsc00162 dsc00223 dsc00224 dsc00225 dsc00226 dsc00227 dsc00228 dsc00229 dsc00237 dsc00238 dsc00240 dscn0209 dscn0210 lightbrown pigtails1 pinkandblack pinkbrownpink purplenblack redblackred redorange sandyblond sandyblondeanddarkbrown sandyblondeandhotpink slblue


24 Inch Long Length Pigtails

24redblackbraid blondlightblue blondred brownhighlights-long cerise dsc00156 dsc00221 dsc00232 dscn0211 dscn0212 dscn0214 hotpinknblack-ll llblue redll rednblack-ll 24blackblue 24blackbluegray 24blackyellow 24blackyellowgreen 24bluewhite 24brownltbrown 24darkbrownredbraids 24greengray 24greenwhite 24greenwhitebraided 24hotpinkblack 24lightbrownhotpink1 24lightpinkdarkbrown 24naturalredblackbraided 24naturalredblondbraids 24pinkblackbraided 24purpleblackbraided

Custom Colors and Multiple Colored Pigtails

3color24redorangepurple 24blondpinkhotpink 24lightbrownhotpinklightpink 24orangegreenwhite breascancerhelmet clownhair dsc00155 dsc00157 llmulticolor1 multicolor1 multicolor2 starsandstripes

Pony Tails

ponyhotpink ponypurple 12blondhotpink 24pnytaildarkbrowngray dsc00220 dsc00230 dsc00235 pntlightblue pntlightpinkhotpink pnyredblackbraided ponyblondpurpledsc00234dsc00231


Scrunchie Colors