We receive calls from many people wanting us to donate to their events and we are happy to work with the community and offer Pigtails to our Fans, Customers and Friends!

We have come up with a way for people to get FREE stuff from us!

If your a Club, Event, Fund Raiser, we invite you to join our Affiliate program where you can in turn put our link on your websites and social media and Newsletters and based on the amount of referrals, we will send you anywhere from a great Discount for you to give away to full on FREE pairs of Pigtails, Pony tails, Hats etc…

Not only would you be referring people to us, your group would earn monies from people who purchase our pigtails! By tracking this we can better gauge each event and what we can offer you!

in the past we have supported everyone who called us and we have donated thousands of pairs of Pigtails over the years, the problem we found was we had no idea if our donations were bringing people back to us or if the event even actually promoted us to the people attending.

We feel that the Affiliate program will allow us AND YOU to track your referrals and more importantly your purchases from our site and we can feel good when we contribute to your next event!  Join our affiliate program today.


if you have any questions, please Contact me

Thank you,