About Us

Helmet Pigtails was created by Tom and Bunny in 2009

Bunny was looking for decorations for her helmets and while people were putting stickers and Mohawks on their helmets, one thing Bunny kept saying was “I’m a girly girl” and I want to look like a girl when I am on the motorcycle!

So we searched for pigtails and we were only able to find one pair from China and the quality was really really bad and they were thin and they only came in florescent orange! Bunny said, “I can make them myself and do better quality and make the pigtails thicker”

Bunny created her first pair in January 2009 and right away friends started asking her to make them their own Helmet Pigtails and Helmet Ponytails! So Bunny began making them for friends and real soon our friends had their friends asking for Helmet Pigtails and that’s when we created our first website http://www.helmetpigtails.com and we have registered the following names to route into our main website including:

  • TheOriginalHelmetPigtails.com
  • TheOriginalHelmetPigtails.net
  • TheOriginalHelmetPigtails.org
  • TheOriginalHelmetPigtails.info
  • Helmetpigtails.com
  • Helmetpigtails.net
  • Helmetpigtail.com
  • Helmetpigtail.net
  • Helmetponytails.com
  • Helmetponytails.net
  • helmetponytail.com
  • helmetponytail.net
  • helmetbows.com
  • helmetbows.net
  • Pigtails4Helmets.com
  • Pigtails4Helmets.net
  • PigtailsforHelmets.com
  • PigtailsforHelmets.net
  • ShowYourAttitude.com
  • Horns4Helmets.com
  • HornsforHelmets.com

Many people have copied Bunny’s designs and we are the original Helmet Pigtails!

NOTE: We are currently moving our production from California to Florida, there may be delays in your orders being shipped, we will contact any new orders to offer a refund if our delays will effect you.

Tom and Bunny – Helmet Pigtails